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Internal Staff

Other remote support

Hourly Pay
35.00 - 50.00
65.00 to over 150.00

As high as 100 an hour for onsite work

No hourly charge! We are your support
Average monthly costs to support your environment
Approximately 9000.00 (with benefits) per DBA
11,000 to 34,000 PER consultant

Normally based on number of databases

As little as 3500  *
Support for additional databases/products
Depends upon workload
Depends on contract

Normally additional costs

Yes!  We are YOUR support!
Upgrades and Patches (RDBMS and Applications)
Depends on workload and skill level
Normally additional costs (out of scope)

Normally additional costs

Yes!  At no additional costs!
Level of experience
Unknown, but manageagble through recruiting

Unknown (and potentially not in US)

more than 20 years (documented)
Able to establish performance and availability requirements
Yes, through performance reviews
Depends on wording of contract

Depends upon wording of contract - often difficult to pin down

We work with your company.  Our goal is your success!
Local and on site if needed?
Not neccessarily local, and only for duration of contract.

Depends on location of firm.  May require high hourly rates.

Local and can often be on site in as little as 3 hours.
24 X 7 On-call support
Normally at the hourly rate of contract

Often at additional costs

Yes! At NO additional charge!